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Pav Sina calls on the Cambodian Government to ratify ILO Convention No.190 

Phnom Penh: President of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers, Mr. Pav Sina, called on the Royal Government of Cambodia to ratify ILO Convention No. 190 as soon as possible. There are also three other conventions that the Cambodian government has not yet ratified.

His call was made on the occasion of being a guest speaker at the 16-Day Campaign on "Uniting to Eliminate Gender-Based Violence and Harassment in the World of Work". Held on December 4, 2022 at Himawari Hotel and organized by CARE and partners. It was also attended by leaders and staff of unions, associations and civil society organizations.

"We always say don't look at anyone with a dark outside appearance because we are in the same society that needs to be involved in building together," said Pav Sina.

We are not doing this to hinder the development of the country, but we are promoting not only the development of the country, but also in line with the aspirations of the people, the workers.

In all sectors, because people in a society always want to live in a society that cares, not wanting society to exclude us and call us outsiders.

Because of our current work ethic. Involved in 16 Days Campaign on Gender-Based Violence and Workers' Rights to Promote Social Protection

In particular, on ILO Convention No. 190, Mr. Pav Sina emphasized that, "In fact, we know that if this is important, we all and the relevant ministries

"In the past, we have worked hard to get the government to ratify Convention 190 and three other conventions in the near future."

He urged the Ministry of Labor as well as the government to look into some sectors that appear to be outside the cluster, such as service and casino workers. This means that they do not receive government subsidies, and do not receive compensation pay from employers. He lamented that when they had no income for more than two years, We imagine how difficult it is to have no income, and the buildings in the workplace that used to receive accommodation are also being fired by the employer.

"We try to urge the government ministries and stakeholders to pay attention because they are human beings and they have the same obligation to pay taxes, but why not? Take care take care of them "He said that all citizens should receive equal social protection from the government, both in and out of the working system He added:.

He noted that in general, when there is a different policy formulation, our opinion of civil society workers does not seem to be taken into account or accepted. "Our goal is to see that when the government decides on making new policies, we do not want to see any gaps, we want all parties to benefit as well."

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