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Ministry of Labor Introduces 6 Measures to Solve Y&W issue

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training issued a statement presenting the solution and position of the Ministry in the case of Y & W GARMENT CO., LTD. whose owner fled.

The Ministry claimed that after verifying the factory owners escape and settling for the workers at the factory, six measures will be put in place, including the first for the benefit of the National Security Fund (NSF) Including health care, maternity benefits and prenatal check-ups, workers are still able to receive benefits and use the National Security Fund as usual up to 3 months.

Secondly: Assets and other materials at the factory location will be confiscated and used for payment to the workers. The Ministry will publicly inform the workers when the sale of the factory property is due.

Thirdly: The Ministry said that whilst waiting for the procedure to sell the assets to pay the workers, the Ministry has sent the mobile employment center of the National Employment Agency (NEA) to provide them with new jobs immediately so that you can continue to get paid.

For the fourth measure, the Ministry said that the local authority also asked all landlords to postpone the payment of rent while waiting for payment of rent and other benefits from Y&W.

Fifth: The Ministry has been informing the Ministry of Commerce, the Council for the Development of Cambodia, the General Commission of the National Police and the General Department of Taxation to take action in their respective jurisdictions to find out more about the business of the company owner and may arrest him in the event of his re-appearance in the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Lastly: The Ministry has been completing legal proceedings to send a court order to the home country of the Y & W Yoga Company owner to take responsibility for the performance of its obligations in Cambodia.

In this scenario, the Ministry claimed that about 94% of the workers were satisfied and agreed with the Ministry's strict measures, with more than 4,500 workers out of a total of 4,849 of the company understood and agreed to wait for a solution according to legal procedures.

At the same time, the Ministry also pointed out that five individuals may have intended to provide false information to workers, which is why about 300 workers are concerned about the loss of Social Security benefits. Meanwhile, the Ministry and local authorities are stationed at the factory site and are seeking procedures to prioritize the protection of workers' interests before other parties.

The Ministry called on the workers of Y & W GARMENT CO., LTD. to remain stable and register for new jobs with the National Employment Agency and continue to use the NSF card. This is normal because the Royal Government of Cambodia does not exempt any employer who runs away from the factory, even if he has fled to his homecountry.

In addition, the Ministry would like to remind individuals to immediately stop usinging the law unprofessionally with the intention of inciting workers to act contrary to legal procedures.

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