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Unions Maintain $215 Figure and Call for 11 Points To Be Resolved

Phnom Penh: On the morning of September 18, the National Minimum Wage Council held the fifth round talks to negotiate an increase in the minimum wage for workers in 2024, in which the union representing workers continues to maintain its $215 figure, while employers raised theirs by 50 cents to $201.50. It is still expected that there will be some common ground for today's discussion.

Despite the difficult economic situation around the world, the negotiation of the minimum wage for workers in Cambodia for 2024 is still going smoothly, the union side representing workers still maintain the wage figure of $215 and submitted 11 additional proposals to the Chairman of the National Minimum Wage Council, Heng Sour, to be resolved.

In addition to the $215 wage figure, the unions agreed to submit additional proposals as follows:

1, Request a new, increased minimum wage in addition to the existing workers' wages.

2, Request to continue to reduce the price of water, electricity and plumbing and electricity to the workers' rented houses in places that are not yet connected.

3, Request the company to provide a free vehicle for workers with the right technical specifications, or to add $8 to the workers' transportation or accommodation costs, in addition to the existing $7, for a total of $15 per month.

4, Ask the employer to provide lunch or $1 per day to the workers.

5, Propose to set a minimum wage for workers in other sectors same to the garment sector.

6, Request the National Social Security Fund to expand the registration of members and expand the quality of social security services, especially to promote inspections, and severe fines for companies that hide the number of workers and do not register workers and encourage The Ministry of Health should take serious action against any doctor or hospital that discriminates and does not respect the ethics and professionalism of patients.

7, Request the National Social Security Fund to register workers and citizens over the age of 60 to receive the same health care and pension system as general workers.

8, Request to continue to provide equity fund cards to informal workers without having to confirm their occupation from the Capital / Provincial Authority.

9, Request the company to take back the union leaders who were terminated and terminate their employment contracts, including remuneration and drop all charges in the judiciary and resolve all past disputes.

10, Request severe fines and elimination of illegal subcontractors.

11, Request for 50% cash subsidy from companies and the government through social assistance funds for workers who were suspended their employment and lost their jobs, as well as garment workers.

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