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Update: 2 STARITE Administrators Fired after it was found that Samdech Techo's Allowance was Deducted for Pregnant Workers

Phnom Penh: After a settlement between the parties involved in the case of the allowance for pregnant workers, introduced by Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, two STARITE factory administrators, who conspired to cut the allowance to pregnant women in Samdech Techo, were fired in order to comply with factory orders and the deducted allowance was returned to the workers.

Original Story: Workers, 3-Months Pregnant at STARITE Factory, Received a Deduction of $100 from Samdech Techo

Kandal: workers who were 3 months pregnant worked at STARITE (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. in Trapeang ChheuNeang village, Peuk commune, AngSnoul district, Kandal province were deducted $100 each by the factory administration, which they received a total of $200 during a meeting with Cambodia PM Samdech Techo HUN SEN in AngSnoul district on June 29.

Local union leaders of Collective Union of Movement of Workers, Ratana, quoted the victims as saying that the factory administration initially demanded $ 100 deduction for each received from Samdech Techo for workers who were only three months pregnant, under the pretext of arranging a name to meet the PM from the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.

The workers who suffered from the deduction were: Keul Kin, Chhorn Srey Lea, Nuon Chantrea, were among more than 10 workers who received a total of $200 from Samdech Techo each and when they returned to work the administration has demanded the above deduction, which is not a good reason to do so, and such a picture is really bad, should not be happened in the factory, especially for the role of factory manager who is a high education.

"I took the pregnancy test paper to the administration office on Tuesday before meeting with Samdech Techo on Thursday, the 29th of this month," said Keul Kin, a worker who suffered from the allowance deduction. The administration says you did not receive the $200 allowance from the PM because we (the administration) had already sent the names of the pregnant women and until 3 pm the same day, saying that now the money (allowance) is only for you, but you have to take me back $100 when you receive money from the PM and you have to give me $100.

She said that, "When I came back, I agreed with him (the administration) because I thought that if we did not agree with him, we would not get the $100, we would get only 20,000 riel, but because the money was given to her mother to pay the bank loan, she went to the administration to plead with the administration, the three above described the hardships and handed over $25 each and another $30.

Seeing that they did not receive enough money to meet their expectations, that is, each of them had to give the administration $100, they (the administration) said that this money was not enough for the Ministry of Labor officials to share, there are many officials who share this money.

President of CUMW, Pav Sina said that for the STARITE factory administration to cut Samdech Techo's allowance in connection with the provision of pregnant workers, it should not be happened on their behalf he was a highly educated ruler who committed such a heinous crime.

Generally, the Cambodian government under the leadership of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, the Prime Minister, always pays attention to the promotion as well as the protection of pregnant workers, especially the actions of the STARITE factory administration, which demands money from workers who receive support from Samdech Techo. Pav Sina said, "It is unacceptable for this act and the factory director himself must take action, especially the Ministry of Labor to look into this case because the Ministry is an institution in Organize a forum for Samdech Techo to talk with workers.

"The Ministry of Labor must pay attention and it is very damaging. Even Samdech Techo's allowance to the workers has been seriously violated by the factory administration. such individuals should not be "Given the opportunity to continue as an administrator, there must be measures to look around the budget that this person deducts from all workers and must be reimbursed to them."

Through this issue, he added that, "I call on all pregnant workers who work in the STARITE factory, if they have the same case, please provide information to me personally, as well as the working group of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers. We can help solve this problem in order to prevent people from taking the opportunity to force workers to pay in exchange for sending names to meet with Samdech Techo.

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