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CUMW and CARE Hold Reflection Meeting Project on Strengthening the Economic Resilience of Garment Workers During Covid-19 - Made By Women

Phnom Penh: Today, May 30, CUMW and CARE Cambodia held a reflection meeting project on Strengthening the Economic Resilience of Garment Workers During Covid-19 - Made By Women to review the project, which both sides have been working together to implement this project for the past six months, Training 45 trainers and share knowledge to 1,732 workers on three key topics: social protection, gender-based violence and financial management, sponsored by Lululemon brand owners.

The meeting was held at Poulo Wai Hotel, Phnom Penh, with more than 50 participants in order to monitor the progress of the partner CUMW on past project implementation, as well as to reflect on the positive and negative aspects of the project implementation process and schedule, identify key points or points of interest and points that should be improved or recommended during project implementation, including results, challenges, and lessons learned.

Speaking at the opening of the reflection meeting on the implementation of the project, President of Collective Union of Movement of Workers, Pav Sina praised the implementing of the project, and hoped that both peers and workers will gain more knowledge, Better related to social protection, gender-based harassment and financial management.

Pav Sina

"Yes, on behalf of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers, I am very pleased to be partnering with CARE International Cambodia to implement the project Made by Women, and this project is very important," he said. "It's very important to provide knowledge to the workers, especially to practice directly with the workers."

He said that the training that the project has been carrying out is focused on the topics of social protection, the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work and financial management is an important topics for workers who should understand that as workers should receive social protection and participate in preventing all forms of gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace.

“I would like to commend the progress of all the trainers, the union leaders at the local level, who have devoted their time to the training until the peers are highly educated and competent enough to apply their knowledge, and continue to provide it to their members at work directly” He added.

Ms. Kan Sopheak

Regarding the implementation of the project of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers, which is a collaborative partner of CARE International Cambodia, Director of the project to strengthen the economic resilience and workers welfare of CARE International Cambodia, Ms. Kan Sopheak, said that, “Through the past implementation, we Seeing that the team has fulfilled its duties and passed on knowledge to its local workers significantly, we also see that its workers are interested in the knowledge of strengthening economic resilience during Covid-19 disease and they also know how to record and plan his expenses that he did not record before.”

Keat Kimhong

CUMW’s local union Leader at Liu Tan International, Keat Kimhong said that the above three topics are very beneficial for the workers as well as the peers themselves by gaining knowledge related the project.

"This project is very good in terms of the training of CARE and CUMW who have collaborated with each other," he said. "Workers have gain their knowledge from peer and they have a lot of changing attitudes, such as understanding harassment, having a list of expenses for daily living, they have clear understanding of the pension system and occupational risks at their work place and Social protection which is given to the workers.”

Ms. Srey Phalla

The local union leader movement at I Cheng factory, Ms. Srey Phalla said that she was very happy to attend the reflection meeting. “I am very proud when I participated. Studying with CARE till now, my courage, knowledge and experience are greater than ever.”

"I will share my knowledge with the workers as I have learned. I see that the workers have a lot of understanding in advance, although not 100%, but I observe that all workers got more aware of harassment in the workplace." She added .

It should be noted that it is now six months since the Collective Union of Movement of Workers and CARE signed a partnership to implement a project made by women on strengthening the economic resilience of garment workers during Covid-19 on December 1, 2022, training 45 trainers and 2,500 workers on three topics: social protection, workplace harassment and financial management.

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